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Документальні фільми, суспільство


РІК: 2022 | Довжина: 1 part (99 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: CNN/HBO


The film tells about the events related to the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the subsequent investigation into the poisoning. On 20 August 2020, Navalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent,[6] falling sick during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, and was hospitalized in serious condition. Navalny was taken to a hospital in Omsk after an emergency landing there, and put in a coma. Two days later, he was evacuated to the Charité hospital in Berlin, Germany. The use of the nerve agent was confirmed by five Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) certified laboratories. Navalny blamed Russian president Vladimir Putin for his poisoning, while the Kremlin has repeatedly denied involvement.

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Dolly: The Sheep That Changed the World

РІК: 2021 | Довжина: 1 part (59 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: BBC


The story of the scientists who created Dolly, the sheep that changed the world.

This documentary tells the full story for the first time with never-before-seen archive, revealing how on a small Scottish farm, a handful of the world’s best genetic scientists worked in secret to crack the holy grail of life: cloning. The story, when it broke, caused a moral panic to sweep the world. But how did it happen? Who was behind it? What was the science? And, ultimately, what is Dolly’s legacy today?

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The Last Cruise

РІК: 2021 | Довжина: 1 part (40 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: HBO


The Last Cruise documents the experiences of people onboard the now-infamous Diamond Princess cruise ship, where an uncontained COVID-19 outbreak at the start of the pandemic became a global spectacle and a faraway symbol of the new virus and its potential to upend any sense of normalcy.

The ship set sail from Yokohama, Japan on January 20, 2020. By February 26, the Diamond Princess accounted for more than half of all the documented COVID-19 cases outside of China with over 700 infected people aboard. Using intimate footage recorded by its passengers and crew, The Last Cruise is a first-person account of the nightmare that transpired aboard the ill-fated cruise. With little information available about the new virus and limited access to resources, the ship’s cases soared. Passengers were quarantined in their staterooms for weeks and would ultimately account for the first citizens to test positive for COVID-19 in several countries around the world. Meanwhile, the crew tended to the passengers, delivered room service meals and slept and dined in cramped, shared quarters. They’d become what would later be termed “essential workers.”

біологія, Документальні фільми, природи

What Animals See

РІК: 2018 | Довжина: 1 part (29 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: CURIOSITYSTREAM


How do animals experience the world around them? How does what they see impact their place in nature and how has their place in nature impacted what they see? We asked Professor Thomas Cronin to show us how the most interesting and prolific eyes in the animal kingdom work and how they came to be.

Документальні фільми, суспільство

Fake Famous

РІК: 2021 | Довжина: 1 part (87 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: HBO


Fake Famous is a 2021 documentary film directed by Nick Bilton. It is a social experiment involving three non-famous people who attempt to become social media influencers by “faking” fame. They use tactics such as buying followers and faking a luxurious lifestyle. The documentary follows their progress and discusses issues related to social media.

Документальні фільми, суспільство

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

РІК: 2021 | Довжина: 1 part (110 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: HBO


The film features interviews in which the concert promoters, workers, performers, and attendees share their experiences of the infamous 3-day festival that was marred by intense heat, overpricing, violence, sexual assault, looting, vandalism, and fires.

Director Garret Price said in a 2021 interview that he thought the late 1990s had a “toxic” culture. Price reflected that when the festival took place, he and his college roommates “were glued to the pay-per-view that whole weekend”, adding “It’s weird, though, as all that chaos unfolded in real time, it never felt crazy to me back then — it was almost like this extreme FOMO, wishing I was there. It wasn’t until years later when I started going down a YouTube rabbit hole of reliving the performances and reading articles that I started to understand all the issues that started to unfold that weekend. Not just of the festival itself, but of America culturally.” Price also remarked, “I think the reason the ’90s are so in right now is that people are nostalgic for the decade they were born in. So kids at Woodstock ’99 were nostalgic for the mid-late ’70s, with Dazed and Confused being popular. But Woodstock ’99 tried to push a nostalgia for the last ’60s, and the ideals of counterculture and free love.”

Документальні фільми, ліки

Making Sense of Cancer with Hannah Fry

РІК: 2022 | Довжина: 1 part (59 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: BBC


Hannah Fry, a professor of maths, is used to investigating the world around her through numbers. When she’s diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 36, she starts to interrogate the way we diagnose and treat cancer by digging into the statistics to ask whether we are making the right choices in how we treat this disease. Are we sometimes too quick to screen and treat cancer? Do doctors always speak to us honestly about the subject? It may seem like a dangerous question to ask, but are we at risk of overmedicalising cancer?

At the same time, Hannah records her own cancer journey in raw and emotional personal footage, where the realities of life after a cancer diagnosis are laid bare.

Документальні фільми, суспільство

We Feed People

РІК: 2022 | Довжина: 1 part (90 minutes) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: NATGEO


WE FEED PEOPLE, from OscarⓇ-winning director Ron Howard, spotlights renowned chef José Andrés and his nonprofit World Central Kitchen’s incredible mission and evolution over 12 years, from being a scrappy group of grassroots volunteers to becoming one of the most highly regarded humanitarian aid organizations in the disaster relief sector.

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Secret Life Underground

РІК: 2016 | Довжина: 2 parts (52 minutes each) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: ARTE


Secret Life Underground The underground world is so unfamiliar to us that you only have to dig down a few yards to reveal a totally unknown realm, just beneath our feet. Today, only a fraction of the rich biodiversity that inhabits the soil has been studied. Scientists estimate that the ground is probably home to 70% of the living organisms yet to be discovered.


We know less than 10% of the organisms that populate the underground world and that, each in their own way, take an active part in creating the soil. We are just beginning to discover that plants form partnerships and create complex unions. Welcome to this subtle, surprising and secret world.

Take a journey alongside scientists into an underground maze with huge surprises in store. They lead us into monumental cavities, shaped by water and by time. They reveal to us mineral jewels of staggering beauty, and shed light on certain species of fauna that defy the imagination.

археологія / палеонтологія, Документальні фільми, природи

Prehistoric Planet

РІК: 2022 | Довжина: 5 parts (42 minutes each) | ДЖЕРЕЛО: BBC


A documentary that follows dinosaurs recreated with computer-generated imagery living around the globe in the Late Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago. It set out to depict dinosaurs using current paleontological research such as feathered dinosaurs.


A father Tyrannosaurus and his offspring swim across a perilous seaway to feed on a dead giant turtle. Alcione hatchlings take their first flight through a gauntlet of predatory pterosaurs, Barbaridactylus and Phosphatodraco. Tuarangisaurus travel to a bay in search of gastroliths. A male Mosasaurus hoffmanni is cleaned by reef denizens and defends his territory from a rival. Scaphitid ammonites perform an elaborate mating display. A distressed pregnant Tuarangisaurus is targeted by Kaikaifilu.

Dreadnoughtus males compete for the right to mate. Lizards are hunted by Velociraptor among a group of sleeping Tarbosaurus. A Mononykus forages for termites and investigates new food options after a brief rainstorm. Several types of dinosaurs congregate around a watering hole in Mongolia. Barbaridactylus males compete for females atop a remote plateau. A herd of Secernosaurus brave the harsh gypsum dunes in search of nourishment.

Velociraptor hunt pterosaurs on a cliffside by a waterfall. A battle-scarred Tyrannosaurus nurses his wounds and encounters a newcomer. A Deinocheirus seeks relief from biting flies. A female Quetzalcoatlus builds and guards her nest. A mother Masiakasaurus and her family hunt crabs. Elasmosaurs enter an estuary in search of fish.

Dromaeosaurus stalk an Edmontosaurus herd as they cross a freezing river. Male Ornithomimus raid rival nests to bolster their own. Olorotitan raise their offspring on fertile volcanic fields but contend with biting mosquitoes. Troodon hunt mammals flushed out by a forest fire. A juvenile Antarctopelta scours the forest for a new winter den. A Pachyrhinosaurus herd stands off against a pack of Nanuqsaurus.

Austroposeidon level trees in search of fresh foliage. A herd of Triceratops journey through a cave to find an underground clay lick. A male Carnotaurus sets the stage for an extravagant display. A female Qianzhousaurus uses an autumn storm to her advantage while hunting Corythoraptor. A family of Edmontosaurus evade a forest fire, while an Atrociraptor and Anodontosaurus reap its rewards. Juvenile Therizinosaurus attempt to climb up to a bee nest. Hatzegopteryx hunts Zalmoxes, and patrols the dense undergrowth and seaspray-battered coastline.

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