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Terms and Conditions May Apply

YEAR: 2013 | LENGTH: 1 part (80 minutes)  |  SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA


Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary that addresses how corporations and the government utilize the information that users provide when agreeing to browse a website, install an application, or purchase goods online. Made in 2013 by Cullen Hoback, it discusses the language used in user-service agreements on the World Wide Web, and how online service providers collect and use users’ and customers’ information.

The film criticizes companies such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn for having poorly worded and misguiding privacy policies/terms of service, which use user-unfriendly language in long documents and allows the companies to collect user information and legally provide it to third-parties. The film aims to warn people about the risks of clicking, “I Agree”, after scrolling through pages of uninviting text.


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