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The world of the Internet is a very tricky place. For one, pretty much everything you access goes to a centralized server and so content is often deleted/lost. Second, these online places want trades from you: your data, money or other currency, attention and so forth. VideoNeat is a trade-free website/service and its materials are decentralized (no server). To take advantage of it, use the following (alternatively use the TROMjaro Operating System that comes packed with all you need):

– Install a BitTorrent client! The “magnet” button you see on every material here, links to a BitTorrent file (torrents – decentralized). These are “special” files/links that need a special program to open them with. Luckily there are a plethora of such programs out there. We recommend using WebTorrent that allows you to not only download such materials, but watch/listen to them even before they finish downloading. For managing multiple such files we recommend Transmission.

– Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)! Internet companies or governments may consider such BitTorrent materials as illegal and may block your access to them. A VPN hides your IP and encrypts your traffic. We recommend that you use TROMjaro OS (a trade-free operating system that we are managing) since it also has a trade-free VPN built in.

– Add items to favorite! Every material here can be added to a list of favorites. For that, use the VideoNeat (V) logo that you can find on any material’s page. Click it again to remove the item from favorites. You don’t need an account for that as the list gets stored in the browser’s cache. Click the “user” icon from the top right corner to see the list of favorites.

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