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The Internet, like the rest of the world, is a reflection of our monetary system (trade world) that incentivizes everyone to put their own personal gains over anything else. On the Internet this is reflected in advertising, tracking your online presence to better target these ads, spying your traffic for various reasons, and so forth. Use these super useful quick tips to protect yourself online and enjoy VideoNeat fully:

A VPN encrypts all your traffic so no one can spy on you. It stays in between your device and the entire internet. When you visit a site, talk to someone, whatever you do, all is tunneled through different servers as encrypted information. If you visit VideoNeat and watch a documentary here, through a VPN can only be seen as such: a computer from South Korea (or whatever part of the world different than yours) is sending and receiving some scrambled information from No way to track that it is you, no way to track what this information is about. Super Neat!

I recommend Private Internet Access (PIA) as the best VPN – they have experience, they are secure, they have many servers, great speeds, super simple app, and are very cheap. Free VPN’s are slow and limited, so you will have to pay for one either way, but it is a worthwhile investment to protect all your internet activity. PIA also blocks ads and trackers. One license (40$/year) equals 5 devices – so you can use the same license on 5 devices. Don’t be put off by their cheap stock footage on their website, they are the best ranked worldwide.

Simply, this blocks advertisements. There are many free alternatives out there but I recommend uBlock Origin because it has all the features you need. It is trade free for desktop (browser). For mobile I recommend Blokada (again trade free) that works on mobile phones without the need for rooting them. Install these two and you’ll rarely if ever see ads again.

If you watch a video from youtube or another website, then that video is streamed from a server. The server can be shut down, the owner of the video or the company that hosts the server can remove the video, and so forth. Very insecure. But with p2p a video is stored on multiple computers so that no one can basically delete it. When you watch a video, the video is split into many parts and you’ll take a few parts from a computer, a few from other, and so forth, all coalescing into the entire video file. This is the neatest way to share stuff.

P2P clients are simple apps that put all of these parts of files together and allows you to enjoy them (download/watch/read). Although there are many P2P clients I recommend the free and open source WebTorrent (available for any desktop operating system). It is as simple as downloading a “.torrent” file and opening it with WebTorrent and it will start to download the file(s) automatically. You can do the same with “magnet” links (just click them – that’s all). WebTorrent also allows streaming the content before it gets downloaded. For mobiles you can use AceStream (does the same job – downloads p2p files and allows for streaming).