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This website is trade free. Meaning: we need nothing from you in order for you to access this website and its content. We don’t require your money, data or attention. Therefore we add no ads, we make no profit, nothing like that. It is for educational purposes only. VideoNeat is not going to prostitute itself over any such schemes. All that being said, you can help this website grow. Here’s how:

  1. Support this project financially. It costs money to host this website, to store backups, to buy plugins, and things like that. Plus the time dedicated to curate these materials and post them. You can easily support us via TROMsite, here.
  2. Report bugs. This website is created and maintained by a single guy, and I can’t test it very well for bugs. Submit any bugs/errors you see, please. Use the contact form for that.
  3. Seed! It is highly recommended you use the magnet links for any content, but once you are done with watching a video, do not delete it, let others download/stream from you too. This way you are part of the P2P network and improve the speed for others. Contribute! Watch/Download, but don’t delete ;).
  4. Share the site.