Archäologie / Paläontologie, Dokumentarfilme, Natur

Naturkundemuseum: Welt der Wunder

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JAHR: 2021 | LÄNGE: 4 parts (~43 minutes each) | QUELLE: CHANNEL5


Revealing unique and rare pieces too valuable to exhibit.


Visitors to the museum see only a fraction of the staggering 80 million items in the collection. This programme reveals the unique and rare pieces too valuable to exhibit.

Susie and Paul follow up a tip off about some possible dino footprints in Wales. Dippy the Diplodocus is on a trip around the country and needs an inspection to make sure it's safe.

Susie tries to piece together the skeleton of a T-Rex whose bones have got mixed up with another specimen. The museum instigates a great British bug hunt.

Sue believes that a dinosaur skull from a dig in Africa maybe 200 million years old. The museum gears up to host the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.


Kuratiert wunderbare wissenschaftliche Materialien für Menschen. Dokumentationen, Vorträge und Filme. Alles handelsfrei.

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