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YEAR: 2011 | LENGTH: 1 part (47 minutes)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Human history has continuously been negating the scientific facts of past and this takes place as a result of technological advancement of modern eras. Man of the last century had a limited vision and did not know anything beyond the planet earth and even most of the facts about earth were unknown. Man could just believe what he could see and what his mind could absorb. But today, we know things that humankind did not think of a century back. Earth is not the only planet that the universe has. There are numerous planets and some of these have been categorized as the weirdest planets. Scientists today have discovered almost 500 planets which they call as weird.

Weirdest Planets Documentary National Geographic – Some of these weigh 3000 times more than earth whereas others are as small as a continent on earth. Some of these planets possess an average temp of 4000 degree Celsius whereas others are extremely cold with temperature reaching to -500 degree Celsius. Universe is unique in its composition with so much of diversity in it that human mind is stunned by each new discovery. There have been recent discoveries of planets which revolve around more than 1 sun and the number can be more than 2. Universe beyond our technological vision is extremely weird with so much of weirdness in it.

Closing the eyes and making an imagination about such weird planets where there is no sign of life and environmental indexes are so extreme that man cannot visualize of is an extreme feeling. A little knowledge into the existence of weird planets and their strangeness brings us to the conclusion that man is just the tiniest part of this universe with so much of vastness surrounding him. Deep beyond the limits of our imagination lies another group of worlds which is yet to be discovered but it does exist and there is no denial to it.


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