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Supernatural: The Unseen Powers of Animals

YEAR: 1999 | LENGTH: 6 parts (30 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Supernatural: The Unseen Powers of Animals is a six-part British nature documentary television miniseries that was produced by John Downer Productions and commissioned by the BBC Natural History Unit, the same team behind the earlier successful shows Supersense and Lifesense. The program was narrated by Andrew Sachs and originally broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC1 in 1999. The theme of the series was “the unseen power of animals.”


Investigating extraordinary feats and strange powers of animals. A look at animals that possess senses more powerful than humans: sharks, dolphins, hippos, parrots, killer bees, rhinos, pelicans and elephants.

Looks at animals capable of surviving in extreme conditions of temperature, drought and pressure.

Looks at the relationship of animals and plants to the invisible world of electricity, magnetism and electro-magnetic forces.

Takes a look at how animals sense time and how some can alter their metabolism to help them survive.

Explores the paranormal activities of animals including walking on water and pharmaceuticals.

Last in the series investigating the extraordinary feats and strange powers of animals.This programme explores the hidden ways our lives are entwined.


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