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YEAR: 2016 | LENGTH: 3 parts (60 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: BBC


The UK’s leading inventors create ingenious new solutions to everyday problems and build life-changing solutions for people in desperate need.


The team of inventors are challenged to come up with solutions for three very different problems.


They attempt to help a terminally ill photographer who can no longer use his hands to operate a camera. They try to bring cutting-edge communication to a remote Welsh village which has no internet access and an unreliable telephone connection. And they work to give some control back to a young designer who has Parkinson’s disease and who has been unable to use a pen since developing tremors in her hands two years ago.

The Big Fix team use cutting-edge science and technology to find solutions for problems that have so far gone unsolved.


They attempt to tackle one of the biggest rural crimes in the UK and work to find a way to build a BMX bicycle for a young boy who was born with no hands or feet.


Meanwhile, in Peterborough, 56-year-old Graham is suffering from locked-in syndrome, meaning he is almost completely paralysed and unable to speak. Can the team come up with a way for him to have conversations with the medical team around him and, most importantly, his family and friends?

Seven of the UK’s leading engineers, designers and computer programmers put their skills together to try and help four people with very different needs.


Mum of two Shamreen suffers from a degenerative condition which has left her with very limited vision, and she is struggling to get around in public with her two young sons.


Seven-year-old Rosie had brain surgery as a baby and now wears a cumbersome medical helmet. She desperately wants the team to invent her a new helmet that will be less visible and help her fit in with her friends.


And the team are challenged with coming up with a solution to help two teenage brothers with cystic fibrosis – a debilitating disease that severely affects their breathing.


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