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Please Don’t Take My Child

YEAR: 2014 | LENGTH: 1 part (49 minutes)  |  SOURCE: ITV


This new documentary in ITV’s flagship Exposure current affairs strand investigates how and why social workers are increasingly prepared to remove children from their birth parents through forced adoption. The number of court orders required to place a child into the adoption process has increased by 95 per cent in the last three years and new laws introduced this year are likely to lead to a further increase in the number of such cases. Yet in most instances, the stories remain untold because family court hearings remain shrouded in secrecy, with journalists unable to report anything from proceedings. With powerful testimony from parents who claim to have been unfairly dealt with by the system, alongside insight into the prevailing climate from leading social workers and legal practitioners, Exposure focuses on whether child protection following the death of Baby P in 2007 is increasingly geared towards the permanent removal of children as opposed to supporting families to stay together. It also hears concerns that the new legislation will put social workers, under pressure to act quickly, at greater risk of making mistakes.

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