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Costa del Narcos

YEAR: 2020 | LENGTH: 1 part (~60 minutes)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Southern Spain, famous for its beaches and sunshine, has become the main gateway for drugs into Europe. Violent turf wars between drug cartels have caused the government to issue a crackdown. For the last two years, the police have been fighting to take back control.

In this compelling film, Stacey gains unique access to the police, the dealers and the smugglers. She goes out on patrol with the air force team of the Guardia Civil and is invited along to witness a night-time raid in an attempt to arrest a cartel suspect they have been watching for two years.

To understand why this part of Spain sees so much cocaine, Stacey travels to the source – Apartado, Colombia. There she meets one of the biggest smugglers in the region. Faced with highly organised criminal gangs and the insatiable demand for drugs in Europe, Stacey debates whether this a war the police can ever win.

Part of the award-winning This World strand.


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