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Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure

YEAR: 2007 | LENGTH: 1 part (40 minutes)  |  SOURCE: NATGEO


Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure is a film by National Geographic which is set in the Earth’s prehistoric past, 80 million years ago. The film features state-of-the-art three dimensional photographic and computer-generatedcharacters/animals, along with an ambient score. The setting alternates between prehistory and modern day times in which scientists study the fossilized remains of the creatures in the film.

The protagonist of the story is Dolly, a female Dolichorhynchops, who travels the Kansas Inland Sea, 82 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period with her family. She gets attacked by a shark (Cretoxyrhina) which kills her mother; and is then killed by a Tylosaurus. Dolly survives with a tooth embedded in her flipper. Later, Dolly’s brother is swallowed whole by a young Tylosaurus, then an older Tylosaurus kills the younger one, leaving Dolly alone. Then she becomes a mother and has three young of her of own. After seasons of traveling around the Inland sea, Dolly dies peacefully of old age.


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