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YEAR: 2009-2011 | LENGTH: 3 seasons, 17 episodes (~50 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: IMDB


Travel through the universe to explore the really big questions. Is there life on other planets? Just how big was the Big Bang? What would traveling at “warp speed” really look like? Could wormholes make time travel a reality? Could life on earth survive another huge meteor strike like the one that took out the dinosaurs?


season 1

Whether we’re venturing out to the farthest reaches of our solar system or exploring the mysteries of time travel and wormholes, Known Universe reveals that speed is the key.

From the enormous universe in which we exist to tiny atoms that make up the building blocks of everything around us, size matters when it comes to understanding the cosmos.

From exploding stars to asteroid impacts, Known Universe deconstructs some of the biggest explosions in the universe with unforgettable CGI and slow-motion footage.

season 2

Known Universe heads to the front line of asteroid defense to study what is being done to prevent a catastrophic collision.

Take a trip around the cosmos to witness some of the universe’s most extreme weather.

Known Universe journeys to find far-off planets that may support life and reveals the newest technologies that aid in the search for advanced alien civilizations.

Known Universe examines mankind’s first observations of the cosmos to understand how they put us on the path to modern discovery.

Join a voyage into the unknown–where new discoveries have experts questioning everything we know about the universe, and ultimately ourselves.

Earthquakes and volcanoes pose an unpredictable and deadly threat on Earth, but they also occur far out in the universe. What we learn from these interplanetary phenomena may help us predict when Mother Nature will next unleash her fury.

season 3

Known Universe examines how man will overcome the dangers in space where just surviving is a tense, daily challenge.

From asteroids containing more metal than ever mined on Earth to planets that may have liquid diamond oceans, man’s treasure hunts move into Space and may change our very definition of treasure.

Known Universe explores the secrets of the some of the most powerful stars in the universe.

Known Universe examines how science is rethinking the physics of the universe to transform everyday items and technologies for use in space.

National Geographic examines volcanic eruptions and their astonishing effects on humans and entire galaxies.

Known Universe reveals the tools, techniques and materials we'll need to create homes and more amongst the stars.

Engineering in space represents the future of human civilization but also poses some of our greatest technical difficulties.

The world didn't end on 5/21/11 as some feared, but someday it will, and not just on Earth.


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