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Trust Me I’m a Doctor

YEAR: 2013-2019 | LENGTH: 9 seasons, 36 episodes (~30 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Going behind the headlines to give the definitive answers to health questions.


season 1

Can you be fat and fit? Could you improve your health by staying in bed longer? Should we all be taking an Aspirin pill to help us live longer? Michael Mosley is joined by a team of doctors who use their expertise to get to the bottom all those health claims.Dr Chris van Tulleken examines what diseases lurk on Britain's hands; Dr Saleyha Ahsan has some simple tips that could allow you to save a life; and surgeon Gabriel Weston witnesses brain surgery without a knife.

The series that cuts through the confusing adverts, headlines and health advice to provide information you need to live healthily. Are vitamin pills money down the loo? Should we all be signing up to private health checks? Will antibiotics cure back pain? And does getting cold make you catch one?


Michael Mosley and the team of doctors are in Chester to test an extraordinary idea, that simply standing up more could transform our health. Gabriel Weston witnesses surgical history as she attends a womb transplant, Saleyha Ahsan demonstrates how to stop someone choking and Michael asks if he should be taking statins.

The series that cuts through the confusing adverts, headlines and health advice to provide information you need to live healthily.


Michael Mosley and the team of doctors are in Lancaster to test if trees could be the answer to a hidden health threat that kills 29,000 people a year – air pollution. The team also finds out the answers to many health questions. Is there a cure for hay fever? Are smoothies good for you? Is coffee bad for you? Will Probiotic yoghurts keep you healthy? And should more people be taking HRT?


Also in this episode, Gabriel Weston is tracking down a novel cure to migraines that been found in a beauty clinic and Saleyha Ahsan is on a mission to teach us all how to revive a drowning casualty.

season 2

Can we eat the same food and still lose weight? In a world first, Dr Chris van Tulleken discovers how to make some of our favourite meals healthier without changing a single ingredient.


Medical journalist Michael Mosley finds out why getting more sun on our skin can actually be good for us. Surgeon Gabriel Weston travels to the US to witness a remarkable surgical procedure that’s helping the paralysed to regain movement.


Also, GPs can prescribe acupuncture on the NHS but does it work? Dr Salehya Ahsan looks at the evidence for this controversial treatment.

Can foods be as potent as medicines? It’s claimed garlic, beetroot and watermelon can all reduce our blood pressure – but what’s the truth? Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates.


Medical journalist Michael Mosley quizzes leading experts to discover if sugar really is a toxin. Dr Saleyha Ahsan dispels some popular myths about treating burns and surgeon Gabriel Weston travels to Russia to witness a controversial operation where stems cells are being used to rebuild organs.

Does caffeine really help us to stay alert and what are the alternatives? In this programme some surprising ways to boost our brains are put to the test.


Also medical journalist Michael Mosley examines the growing trend for electronic cigarettes and asks if they are safe. Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates if household chores can count as exercise. Dr Saleyha Ahsan gives first-aid tips on how to treat someone suffering from hypothermia and surgeon Gabriel Weston sees life-saving surgery that involves removing all the blood from a patient’s body.

season 3

The doctors are back! In the first programme of the series, the team bring you the definitive answers to questions including how to avoid losing your marbles and Michael Mosley’s tips to cure cramp. Dr Saleyha Ahsan shows how to spot the signs of a deep vein thrombosis, Dr Chris van Tulleken reveals the shocking truth about what is actually in herbal supplements sold in the UK, and surgeon Gabriel Weston travels to the US to witness an astonishing new treatment that could cure crippling back pain for millions of people.

Michael Mosley and the doctors go behind the health myths and headlines. In this programme, Michael joins volunteers in a study to discover whether just changing your diet can lower cholesterol as much as taking drugs like statins – with surprising results. Dr Saleyha Ahsan reveals new research that could cure snoring, surgeon Gabriel Weston sees the incredible results of an unusual treatment for a hospital superbug which could soon be saving lives here in the UK, and Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates the truth behind skincare products – could they being doing you more harm than good?

Michael Mosley and the doctors delve once again into the confusing world of health claims. In this programme, they recruit over 200 volunteers to test a surprising way to cure food cravings, while Michael tries a new technique to beat the habits we find hardest to kick. Dr Chris van Tulleken looks at whether organic food is better for your health, whilst surgeon Gabriel Weston investigates a potentially groundbreaking new treatment for cancer and Dr Saleyha Ahsan shows how to spot a stroke before it happens.

season 4

It’s a new year and another series of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, ready to help you shake off the festive excesses. In this special New Year programme, Dr Saleyha Ahsan oversees a world-first experiment to see how we can burn more fat – without doing any more exercise.


Michael Mosley gives a cheat’s guide to a better body, with results that astonish the scientists. Dr Chris van Tulleken puts protein shakes to the test, and surgeon Gabriel Weston meets a woman who has sight restored for the first time in 16 years, thanks to a bionic eye.

Dr Chris van Tulleken runs a groundbreaking experiment with the University of Surrey to see whether simply changing our mealtimes can help us all lose weight, whilst Gabriel Weston looks at whether dietproducts could actually be making us put it on!


Dr Saleyha Ahsan investigates the chemicals sprayed around our houses, and Michael Mosley gets to the truth about alcohol: can it be good for our health? Plus the story of a 12-year-old girl undergoing a new treatment for peanut allergy, and how to treat someone having an allergic reaction.

The doctors are in Glasgow, using a cutting-edge technique to discover whether olive oil really is good for us.


Dr Chris van Tulleken gets to the truth about whether beards are unhygienic, Michael Mosley interrogates the experts about whether meat is bad for us, and Dr Saleyha Ahsan hears from the survivors of sepsis on how we can all spot the signs of this little-known killer.

In the final episode of the series, the doctors reveal the secrets to how we can all stick to those health resolutions we made at New Year, but are already struggling to keep.


Surgeon Gabriel Weston experiments with a herbal supplement said to help us drink less alcohol, Dr Chris van Tulleken reveals some unusual ways to get a better night’s sleep, and Michael Mosley uncovers the secret of staying motivated.


Meanwhile, Dr Saleyha Ahsan tests some revolutionary new science that could help us all easily lose weight and be healthier.

season 5

Michael Mosley and the doctors set up experiments to get to the truth behind health claims and headlines.


Dr Chris van Tulleken teams up with Nottingham University to see whether high intensity exercise is as good for us as is claimed, guest presenter Dr Zoe Williams gets a group of volunteers to help put some home fitness monitors to the test and Michael Mosley investigates whether acupuncture really does have a scientific basis.


Meanwhile, surgeon Gabriel Weston travels to the former Soviet Union to see a technology devised behind the iron curtain which could solve the problem of antibiotic resistance in the West, and Dr Saleyha Ahsan outlines the new guidelines on concussion: how can we tell whether a bang on the head is serious enough to go to a doctor?

This time, Michael Mosley reveals a new discovery that could help us all improve our eyesight and Dr Chris van Tulleken carries out an experiment with the University of Worcester to find out whether the fad for going gluten free can be good for us.


Surgeon Gabriel Weston witnesses a breakthrough that could cure rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases and Dr Saleyha Ahsan investigates the signs and symptoms of depression – what should we all look out for?

Michael Mosley and the doctors undertake the most ambitious experiment yet on the series – testing whether the spice turmeric could help protect us against cancer, with the help of nearly 100 volunteers,several UK universities and some brand new technology. Gabriel Weston learns how one of these methods, based on a new understanding of the very beginnings of cancer, could soon provide us all with personalised cancer tests. Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates whether glucosamine pills really help with joint pain, and Dr Saleyha Ahsan looks at whether cheap painkillers are as good as expensive brands. Guest Dr Zoe Williams, meanwhile, tries out home cholesterol test kits.

season 6

Michael Mosley investigates whether diet or exercise is a more effective way to keep calories in check, and Saleyha Ahsan runs an experiment to find out whether probiotic products really can improve health.


Chris van Tulleken discovers whether red wine lives up to its healthy reputation, Zoe Williams looks at how sleep duration affects how much people eat, and Gabriel Weston witnesses the first operation of its kind in the UK – fitting a sternum implant made using 3D printing.

Dr Zoe Williams investigates whether people can boost their metabolism, Michael asks whether people should be worried about air pollution, and Dr Saleyha Ahsan meets survivors of eating disorders to try and identify the signs and symptoms.


Gabriel Weston visits the Netherlands to find out about a new treatment for eczema, and Dr Chris van Tulleken reveals what kind of weights people should be lifting at the gym.

Michael sets off an ambitious study on the health benefits of omega-3 fish oils, while Dr Chris van Tulleken puts omega-3 supplements to the test. Dr Zoe Williams goes on a high fat diet and discovers why eating a lot of fat affects men and women differently. Gabriel Weston seeks out an innovative new brain treatment for PTSD, and Dr Saleyha Ahsan reveals how to spot the symptoms of a little-known condition that can cause sudden and irreversible sight loss.

season 7

In this programme, Michael Mosley finds out why fizzy drinks make you eat more. GP Dr Zoe Williams investigates whether caffeine boosts your physical performance. Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo discovers what men can do about baldness. Surgeon Gabriel Weston looks into the new artificial pancreas that could transform life for diabetics. And Dr Alain Gregoire gives the psychiatrist's guide to obsessive compulsive disorder.

Michael Mosley runs an experiment to test the claim that coconut oil can cut cholesterol. Giles Yeo investigates how much fruit is too much. Zoe Williams investigates a sleep disorder that causes up to 40,000 road accidents a year. Michael quizzes two experts on whether genetic-testing kits are worth the money. And Alain Gregoire finds out how you can use your eyes to help cope with age-related hearing loss.

Michael Mosley runs an experiment to find out if eating carbs in the evening is bad for you. GP Zoe Williams investigates a condition that leaves millions of us with painfully cold fingers and finds out how to reduce the effects of jet lag. Psychiatrist Alain Gregoire reveals how to recognise PTSD and what you can do about it. And surgeon Gabriel Weston discovers the innovative magnetic technology helping cancer surgeons to remove tumours in the operating theatre.

Michael Mosley runs an experiment to find out which foods are best for providing a crucial but neglected nutrient: iodine. Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo discovers why stress can make you put on weight. GP Dr Zoe Williams tackles the question: how safe are x-rays? Michael questions two experts on how the NHS spends our money. And psychiatrist Dr Alain Gregoire reveals how mental health first aid aims to reduce the rates of suicide and mental illness.

Michael Mosley runs an experiment to test whether beetroot and leafy greens can give your body and brain a boost. GP Dr Zoe Williams investigates the new generation flu vaccine and gives advice on which health apps for your phone can be trusted. Surgeon Gabriel Weston discovers a new treatment that promises to improve the mobility of stroke survivors. And psychiatrist Dr Alain Gregoire reveals how to spot generalised anxiety disorder and what you can do about it.

Michael Mosley teams up with Olympic athletes to test which types of exercise give you the strongest bones. Geneticist Dr Giles Yeo investigates how to stay healthy if your body clock is out of sync with your work day. GP Dr Zoe Williams looks into which health advice on the internet you can trust. And surgeon Gabriel Weston carries out an experiment to discover if cleaning our homes with antibacterial products could be responsible for the rise in allergies and asthma.

season 8

In this programme, Michael Mosley finds out how learning a new language can help stave off dementia. Giles Yeo goes vegan for a month to test whether it makes him healthier. Gabriel Weston asks whether you can get drunk on boozy food. Zoe Williams looks at what you can do to improve your health if you are living with heart disease. Alain Gregoire discovers how to protect your teeth from a hidden danger.

In this programme, Michael Mosley and Zoe Williams test whether 'exercise snacking' - short bursts of exercise integrated into daily life - can be as good for your health as one long workout. Giles Yeo looks at how we can get more iron into our diet. Alain Gregoire finds out what all men need to know to protect themselves from prostate cancer. And Gabriel Weston finds out about an exciting breakthrough in gene therapy.

Michael Mosley finds out whether a glass of wine can protect your blood vessels from the harmful effects of junk food. Giles Yeo sets out to test home breathalyser kits - and uncovers a potentially dangerous weakness in the drink-drive laws in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Zoe Williams finds out what you can do to improve your health if you are living with cancer. And Gabriel Weston has the lowdown on what is safe to eat and drink when you are pregnant.

As we gear up for BBC Music Day, Michael Mosley finds out whether singing can boost feel-good chemicals in the brain, Dr Zoe Williams discovers why music could help people with dementia, and Dr Alain Gregoire looks at some new research showing the surprising benefits of group singing for mothers with post-natal depression. Also in the programme, Dr Giles Yeo finds out whether 'man flu' is real, and Gabriel Weston asks whether detoxing is a con.

Michael Mosley finds out what giving up alcohol for a month really does to your health. Gabriel Weston investigates what we really know about the risks and benefits of medical cannabis. Dr Zoe Williams reveals how to get the most out of your GP appointment. Dr Alain Gregoire discovers a surprising way massage benefits your health. And Dr Giles Yeo finds out how to avoid exam stress.

Michael Mosley finds out whether t'ai chi can offer the same health benefits as vigorous exercise - without all the huffing and puffing. Surgeon Gabriel Weston discovers a pioneering new technology that is transforming complex brain surgery. Dr Giles Yeo asks what we can do about heartburn. Dr Zoe Williams asks - how safe are the medicines we buy online?

season 9

Michael Mosley tests how vigorously you really need to exercise to start seeing improvements to your physical and mental health.


Alain Gregoire cures his lifelong phobia of heights in just two hours using virtual reality. Zoe Williams investigates whether the ten-minute one-to-one GP appointment could be under threat.


Giles Yeo tests whether hot or cold drinks are better to cool you down. And Guddi Singh looks into a mystery illness that is often dismissed as a bout of morning sickness.

Michael Mosley and the doctors are back. Giles Yeo tests the extraordinary claim that eating less can boost your memory. Alain Gregoire discovers our body’s secret built-in stress-buster. Zoe Williams reveals how to spot a hidden illness that can cause stillbirth. Michael uncovers how a simple magnet can save the sight of people with glaucoma. And in a special report, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim investigates what’s really in the cannabis-based health products you can buy over the counter.

Can you eat yourself happy? Michael Mosley tests whether our diet can affect our mental health. Guddi Singh finds out the best way to calm a crying baby. Alain Gregoire uncovers the future tech that could tell us if we are developing dementia.


Zoe Williams reveals a new treatment for psoriasis – a skin condition that affects over a million of us. And Michael tests how best to keep your dishes bug-free when you do the washing up.


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