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YEAR: 2007 | LENGTH: 1 part (85 minutes)  |  SOURCE: IMDB


Sophie, Emma and Zoe Dunn are the only known deafblind triplets in the world. They are 6 years old and live in Spring, Texas with their parents, George and Liz Hooker, and their 9 year old sister, Sarah. George and Liz selflessly devote their time to providing them with all the opportunities possible to live successful, productive lives. While Sophie has very limited sight and hearing, Emma and Zoe are completely devoid of either sense. The Not By Sight fund was specifically created to provide Sophie, Emma, and Zoe with qualified teachers like Anne Sullivan. “Through Your Eyes” is a documentary produced by Hands Free Entertainment chronicling the Dunn children and other deafblind people living in the United States. The challenges they face are immense. How they cope can be seen “Through Your Eyes.”


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