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YEAR: 1994 | LENGTH: 1 part (40 minutes)  |  SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA


Destiny in Space is a 70mm American documentary film released to IMAX cinemas in 1994. The film is directed in part by Academy Award-winning sound designer Ben Burtt, and is narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

The film is a showcase of the daily lives of astronauts in space, as they fix instruments and take measurements. The film includes two space shuttle launches and several cargo bay scenes, including an astronaut repairing the Hubble space telescope. CGI recreations of the surface of Venus and Mars are also featured. The film looks at the future of human space exploration and what future generations might accomplish in the years to come.

Four filmmakers contributed to directing the film. Director/cinematographer James Neihouse was the cinematographer for Blue Planet, The Dream Is Alive, Michael Jordan to the Max and other IMAX features. Burtt, aside from his lengthy and impressive list of sound crew credits, directed both Destiny and Blue Planet. Toni Myers edited several IMAX pictures, including L5: First City in Space, Hail Columbia! and others.


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