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YEAR: 2010 | LENGTH: 6 parts (50 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA


Great Migrations is a seven-episode nature documentary television miniseries that airs on theNational Geographic Channel, featuring the great migrations of animals across the globe. The seven-part show is the largest programming event in the ten-year history of the channel and is part of the largest cross-platform initiative since the founding of the National Geographic Society.[1] It was filmed in HD, and premiered on November 7, 2010 with accompanying coverage in theNational Geographic magazine and an official companion book.

Great Migrations debuted on November 7, 2010 worldwide. The series airs on the Sundays of the same month, spread across four hour-long chapters, excluding three supplemental hours which run on other dates. The National Geographic Channel estimated that the show’s premiere would be accessible in 330 million homes across the globe.


Witness the dramatic migration of Christmas Island’s red crabs as they travel from interior forests to mate on the beaches, braving battles with ferocious yellow ants; the monarch butterfly’s annual journey that takes four generations to complete; and the sperm whale, who may travel more than a million miles in a lifetime.

Witness awe-inspiring stories of species’need to reproduce such as stunning footage of flying foxes soaring across the skies with their young wrapped in their wings and the remarkable breeding behaviours of elephant seals in the Falkland Islands. For the first time in nearly 30 years, see the white-eared kob performing a deadly mating ritual in Sudan.

Documented as never before, see hundreds of zebras make a desperate 240km slog so their bodies can take in much-needed minerals in Botswana. Next, witness the heartbreaking struggle of Pacific walruses that have become victims of Earth’s changing climate. Watch a herd of pronghorn antelope follow its ancient migration through Wyoming. Then, journey alongside the mysterious whale shark.

Witness the fortitude of Mali elephants as they undertake the longest elephant migration on Earth. See the great white sharks that cover thousands of miles of ocean each year from Hawaii to Mexico to reach an abundant feast, and witness close-up the rarely filmed attack on a seal by a great white. Also, follow the golden jellyfish of Palau on a race to follow the sun.

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