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Your Data or Your Freedom

YEAR: 2014 | LENGTH: 1 part (48 minutes)  |  SOURCE: VPRO


How do we remain in charge of our own data? Are there ways to escape the digital dystopia, where your data tells everything about you? We live in the world after Edward Snowden. The communication of citizens and consumers is widely intercepted and monitored. Your data is being monitored and analyzed, and now even sold. We seem to be trapped in a global digital web, created by governments and Silicon Valley.

We thought the digital revolution would make us the world of communication. But now we are caught in a global digital web. Your smartphone, your bonus card, your modem, your DigiD, your medical patient file, your search request, your Facebook account, your heating thermostat, your text messages. At each headline, it just seems to be closing on you. The patch on our webcam illustrates: The Big Brothers and Little Sisters are getting closer.

Backlight looks behind the madness of the day and asks the question: how do we remain in charge of our own data? Are there ways to escape the digital dystopia? Director Marije Meerman borrows the glasses of activists, predictors and science fiction writers and travels the world in search of digital escape routes and political strategies for resistance and sabotage. Are we the last generation who have experienced privacy and freedom as a normal part of life? How do we get through the new digital reality? With critic and author of “The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World” Evgeny Morozov, science fiction author Charlie Stross, The Pirate Bay founder and activist Peter Sunde, author and politician for the Pirates Party Anke Domscheit-Berg and IT Security Consultant Eleanor Saitta. 


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