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Meet The Drug Lords: Inside The Real Narcos

YEAR: 2018 | LENGTH: 1 season 3 parts (46 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: CHANNEL4


x-Special Forces soldier Jason Fox used to hunt drug lords for a living. Now, he heads unarmed into the heart of Latin America’s billion-dollar cartels.


Jason travels to Mexico. He meets the Sinaloa cartel, the most dangerous drug gang going. Featuring heart-stopping scenes, he meets killers, ex-assassins, and is witness to extraordinary brutality.

Jason visits the country where the global narcotics industry began and the port where about a quarter of the world’s cocaine is smuggled. In Medellin, he meets Pablo Escobar’s former chief assassin.

In Peru, Jason visits the remote Cocaine Valley and also looks at both sides – meeting a cocaine chef and joining an elite police helicopter raid on a jungle lab


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