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Meet The Drug Lords: Inside The Real Narcos

YEAR: 2018 | LENGTH: 1 season 3 parts (46 minutes each)

DESCRIPTION: x-Special Forces soldier Jason Fox used to hunt drug lords for a living. Now, he heads unarmed into the heart of Latin America’s billion-dollar cartels. – source

01. Mexico

Jason travels to Mexico. He meets the Sinaloa cartel, the most dangerous drug gang going. Featuring heart-stopping scenes, he meets killers, ex-assassins, and is witness to extraordinary brutality.

02. Colombia

Jason visits the country where the global narcotics industry began and the port where about a quarter of the world’s cocaine is smuggled. In Medellin, he meets Pablo Escobar’s former chief assassin.

03. Peru

In Peru, Jason visits the remote Cocaine Valley and also looks at both sides – meeting a cocaine chef and joining an elite police helicopter raid on a jungle lab