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Animal Babies: First Year on Earth

YEAR: 2019 | LENGTH: 3 parts (59 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Cameras follow six baby animals as they learn the basic skills needed to face the challenges of surviving their first year on Earth.


In Kenya, a new-born elephant calf Safina is learning how to keep up with her fast moving herd. In Sri Lanka, one-week-old Jazir has to quickly learn the ropes of a primate society that is enmeshed with the world of people. At the edge of the Arctic, five-week-old fox cubs must learn to hunt before their siblings beat them to limited food. And in Uganda, an eight-week-old mountain gorilla has to cling on tight to survive the ups and downs of forest life. All six babies must learn the most basic of skills to thrive - and for some animals, to even survive.

In California, a three-month-old sea otter pup has to learn what is safe to eat in a world enmeshed with humans. In Sri Lanka, a seven-month-old macaque is forced by his mother to toughen up to stay on top. And in Kenya, a five-month-old elephant has a limited window to meet and bond with new families in order to survive in an increasingly dangerous world. The animal babies are rapidly growing into their abilities, but every day brings new challenges to their success.

As six animal babies approach the end of their first year on Earth, they must take on the most complex challenges of their lives. One of our closest cousins, a mountain gorilla infant, must learn the co-ordination to roam free in a tiny fragment of forest. In Iceland, an Arctic fox cub rejected by his mother must learn where to find food for the first time. And in Kenya, spotted hyena twin sisters must roam a territory they share with the biggest threat to their lives – lions. Whether breaking ties or building bonds all the babies must learn for themselves how to stay healthy and safe.


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