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Epic Yellowstone

YEAR: 2019 | LENGTH: 4 parts (176 minutes)  |  SOURCE: SMITHSONIAN


Documentary about the world’s first National Park, filmed over a two-year period.


Yellowstone's residents try to survive the harshest of winters as temperatures plummet way below zero. Hibernation and migration offer an escape for some but, for others, paradise becomes a winter nightmare.

Looks at the battle to stay on top of the food chain. Wolves, grizzlies and mountain lions play a critical role in keeping Yellowstone in balance and must do what it takes to survive.

The park faces the dramatic consequences of famine, fire, floods and a big freeze.

The Yellowstone River travels a 700-mile journey through a spectacular landscape, revealing trumpeter swans, daring river otters, and grizzlies and bison fording treacherous rapids.


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