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Mums Selling Their Kids for Sex

YEAR: 2017 | LENGTH: 1 part (35 minutes)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Documentary in which Stacey Dooley visits the Philippines to make a complex and chilling film about Filipino mothers who sexually abuse children, often their own, live in front of webcams in exchange for money.

For one week, Stacey gets unique access to Mike, an undercover special agent from ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), and follows a secret operation in which HSI hope to arrest several mothers who are selling their own children for sex.

These women not only perform live sex shows but also traffic their children for abuse by travelling paedophiles – many of whom come from the US and the UK.

Stacey watches as Mike chats live online to mothers who are offering him sex with their own children, some as young as seven, for as little as $18. Over the next few days, Mike plans to meet them, arrest the mothers and rescue the children.


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