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Kids Selling Drugs Online

YEAR: 2017 | LENGTH: 1 part (29 minutes)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Stacey Dooley delves deep undercover into the nascent world of Britain’s digital drug dealers. Using fake profiles on Instagram, Snapchat and new social app Yellow, she reveals how school children as young as 15 are selling class A drugs on social platforms. It is only a matter of seconds before Stacey is offered everything from cocaine to meth.

Stacey comes face to face with a British gang who now rely upon young digital dealers to keep their business afloat. Access to one of Britian’s largest drug outfits reveals 75 per cent of their revenue now comes through digital dealers who operate remotely from the privacy of their bedroom. The fast-paced connectivity of Snapchat and Instagram means the gang can sell up to £22,000 worth of cocaine in a couple of hours.

The only way for Stacey to meet the elusive digital dealers and find out more about their world is to go undercover. After decoding their secret emoji drug code, Stacey arranges MDMA deals and confronts the dealers. Young dealers show how opportunistic individuals operating online are overpopulating an already overcrowded market. But how they reach their client base is revolutionising the game and putting more and more street dealers out of business.

As the digital drug revolution gathers pace, it runs the risk of turning into an epidemic as Snapchat, Instagram and Yellow appear to be doing very little to quash this drug dealing haven.


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