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Fight for the Climate

YEAR: 2021 | LENGTH: 1 part (24 minutes)  |  SOURCE: VPRO


In the Netherlands, 200,000 young people are worried about the demise of the world and the major climate disasters they might experience. They learn from Greta Thunberg that the world will end if we continue like this. Climate depression and eco-anxiety have recently become official diagnoses. There is a strong feeling among these teens and the 20-somethings of today that they need to clean up the mess for the generations before them.

In this short documentary we see three young people who turn their climate concerns into action. How far will they go and how lonely is their struggle?

Robin (26 years old, who/when) is one of the initiators of action group Extinction Rebellion and fights for a just and clean fashion industry. Robin goes bare-breasted in the window of a fashion store where they glue themselves to the store window, to draw attention to greenwashing of the fast fashion chain.

Melih (16 years old, he/he) lives in two worlds. On the one hand, the world of his Turkish parents, his father is a climate denier and with his mother he has to eat meat, and his friends in Amstelveen. On the other hand, the world of Fridays for Future. With his friends at this platform for students he goes to strikes and meetings. Together they organize climate actions.

Like his father and brother, Armando (21 years old, he/he) went to study technical business administration, but quickly saw that the ‘business way’ is not the solution to the climate problem. He quit his studies and joined Extinction Rebellion. Since then, he has organized many a major action. His concerns about the climate led him to burnout.


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