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The Islands and the Whales

YEAR: 2017 | LENGTH: 1 part (80 minutes)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Documentary exploring how polluted oceans are posing a threat to hunting traditions on the Faroe Islands.

In their remote home in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islanders have always eaten what nature could provide, proud to put local food on the table. The land yields little, so they have always relied on harvesting the sea. Hunting whales and seabirds has kept islanders alive for generations, providing a traditional way of life to pass onto future generations.

It is not controversy surrounding whaling that threatens this Faroese way of life, but the whales themselves. The islanders are among the first to feel the impact of increasingly polluted oceans as the whales become toxic, contaminated by the outside world. What once secured survival now endangers their children, and the Faroe Islanders must make a choice between health and tradition.


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