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YEAR: 2007 | LENGTH: 4 parts (50 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: BBC


Nature programme exploring the rich variety of wildlife hidden in the diverse landscapes of the Caribbean islands.


There is far more to the Caribbean than palm trees and beaches; hidden in the diverse landscapes of the islands is an incredible range of wildlife. From flamingos to dolphins, coral reefs to whales, the area’s rich mix of natural life is explored in this series.

An exploration of the stunning underwater treasures of the Caribbean Sea, including the world’s second largest barrier reef and countless shipwrecks that have become bejewelled with colourful corals and are home to great congregations of sharks.


Mother humpback whales use the warm shallow waters to give birth to their calves while shoals of giant whale sharks arrive to join in a mass feeding frenzy.


Underwater time-lapse photography also reveals remarkable scenes of carnivorous corals feeding at night and the spectacle of the entire reef spawning in synchrony.

Every year the Caribbean paradise becomes a hurricane hell: forests ripped apart, coral reefs turned to rubble and beaches washed away. This programme presents the survival stories of the islands’ wildlife residents.


Whilst the Puerto Rican parrot was almost driven to extinction, tiny hummingbirds seem to fly in the in the face of the hurricanes’ 150 mph winds, and on the reefs lobsters seek refuge in deeper water.

Series exploring the Caribbean’s rich mix of natural life. The wild shore of Central America is the Caribbean’s more mysterious side.


This film presents a journey from Panama to Mexico, from the rainforests of the Panama Canal to the Barrier Reef of the Americas, the world’s second-largest coral system.


Along the way are beautiful islands with swimming sloths, howler monkeys and colourful frogs. And remote coral atolls shelter rare crocodile hatchlings and huge colonies of red-footed boobies.


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