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YEAR: 2009 | LENGTH: 3 parts (50 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: NATGEO


Using CGI and fossil evidence, Evolutions demonstrates nature’s survival of the fittest in action. This three-part series illuminates unique and bizarre evolutionary journeys that have brought forth some of the world’s most impressive animals. We unearth a 50-million-year-old mystery mammal, discover the missing link between the velociraptor and modern day birds, and find out if a new bear species could be about to evolve before our very eyes.


Cutting-edge CGI shows the amazing evolution of the modern whale, beginning ten million years ago when a hungry land animal waded into the sea.

Leading scientists use cutting-edge CGI to trace the extraordinary evolutionary path of the turkey, starting with one of the first dinosaurs.

Since descending from the trees 30 million years ago, the bear family has faced some incredible challenges. Trace the story of their evolution.


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