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The Nature of Things: One Ocean

YEAR: 2010 | LENGTH: 4 parts (44 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: IMDB


It covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and holds the very key to a life within its silent shadowy depths. Prepare to dive the depths of our ocean to experience its awesome beauty and extraordinary power in our stunning new four-part series Life of Oceans. Each breathtaking episode brings to life a vast, interconnected ecosystem: from the diversity and significance of microscopic plankton, to the sleek power of top aquatic predators


In episode one of the series, we tell the story of the ocean’s turbulent beginnings and its successive incarnations.

02. Footprints in the Sand

As they improve their technological prowess, scientists are venturing deeper and deeper into the planet’s last frontier, making new discoveries.

This series explores how the planet’s ocean, which covers 70% of the planet, holds the very key to all life within its silent and shadowy depths.


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