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YEAR: 2017 | LENGTH:  1 part (44 minutes)  |  SOURCE: 4CORNERS


Swallowing It: How Australians are spending billions on unproven vitamins and supplements. The figures are startling – seven out of every ten Australians take some form of vitamin or supplement. We spend more, out of our own pockets, on complementary medicines than we do on prescription drugs.

“It’s very rare to meet an Australian family that doesn’t have some form of vitamin supplements somewhere in the family.” Australian Medical Association

Spruiked by sporting heroes, acting icons and celebrity chefs, the industry is worth over four billion dollars. But there is little evidence that many of these products actually work.

“The problem we have in Australia is that the system doesn’t encourage research. You get a much more profitable return on investment from putting fifty million dollars into celebrity marketing.” Academic


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