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YEAR: 2017 | LENGTH: 1 part (50 minutes)  |  SOURCE: 4CORNERS


“I’m speaking out and blowing the whistle.” Industry Insider

On Monday night Four Corners investigates the big business of rubbish and where it ends up.

“There’ll be an uproar when communities or residents know.” Waste company manager

Taking out the bins is a weekly ritual but establishing what happens next is far from transparent.

“It’s a licence to print money. The people in the street have got no idea. No idea at all.” Community activist

In interviews with insiders, reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna exposes the hidden practices occurring in several areas of the waste industry. The program reveals how the lucrative trade in our rubbish has attracted unscrupulous operators who are gaming the system and making a fortune in the process. 


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