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The Mafia in Australia

YEAR: 2015 | LENGTH:  2 parts (45 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: 4CORNERS


 It’s one of the most secretive and powerful organised crime syndicates in the world, run by violent, ruthless criminals who make a fortune out of the drug trade. It’s the Italian mafia. And it’s operating right here in Australia, right now. In this joint Four Corners/Fairfax Media investigation, more than a year in the making, we reveal how the mafia continues to flourish in Australia despite major police operations.

“I’m going to pull his f-ckin’ head off. I’m going to eat him alive. Tell him that he can go get his f-ckin’ coffin.” Telephone intercept of an Australian mafia boss

Reporter Nick McKenzie travelled to Italy to uncover the family and business connections between the Italian mafia and their Australian associates. A top anti-mafia prosecutor says they are “recreating a Little Italy in Australia”. Here in Australia our investigations reveal how the mafia has infiltrated Australian politics at the highest levels by cultivating people in positions of power. “This is a case study of what’s wrong with the system.” Anti-corruption fighter 


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