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Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs

YEAR: 2019 | LENGTH: 5 parts (~50 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: IMDB


The series will reveal how dogs’ natural abilities are being harnessed in creative and beneficial ways by scientists, rescuers and the disadvantaged to improve lives, increase safety and maintain the health and biodiversity of our planet.


A Great Dane assists a 13-year-old girl living with a limiting condition; a Border Collie helps the California Task Force search for survivors; Ruger sniffs out illegal poachers in Zambia.

Border Collies at a South African airport work to prevent bird/aircraft collisions; a Sprocker Spaniel and Anatolian Shepherd save lives in the British countryside.

A German shepherd mix and an L.A. firefighter search for mudslide survivors; spaniels search for underground water leaks; a Labrador learns to read.

A blind woman gets a running mate; a Jack Russell cares for species; a pack of dogs protects rhinos in Kenya; a Border Collie protects visitors in Glacier National Park.

Another conservation detection dog highlighted is Dio, a whale scat sniffing dog formally with the University of Washington and now with a rough and rowdy outfit of sniffer dogs aptly named Rogue Detection Teams.


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