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YEAR: 2022 | LENGTH: 5 parts (42 minutes each)  |  SOURCE: BBC


A documentary that follows dinosaurs recreated with computer-generated imagery living around the globe in the Late Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago. It set out to depict dinosaurs using current paleontological research such as feathered dinosaurs.


A father Tyrannosaurus and his offspring swim across a perilous seaway to feed on a dead giant turtle. Alcione hatchlings take their first flight through a gauntlet of predatory pterosaurs, Barbaridactylus and Phosphatodraco. Tuarangisaurus travel to a bay in search of gastroliths. A male Mosasaurus hoffmanni is cleaned by reef denizens and defends his territory from a rival. Scaphitid ammonites perform an elaborate mating display. A distressed pregnant Tuarangisaurus is targeted by Kaikaifilu.

Dreadnoughtus males compete for the right to mate. Lizards are hunted by Velociraptor among a group of sleeping Tarbosaurus. A Mononykus forages for termites and investigates new food options after a brief rainstorm. Several types of dinosaurs congregate around a watering hole in Mongolia. Barbaridactylus males compete for females atop a remote plateau. A herd of Secernosaurus brave the harsh gypsum dunes in search of nourishment.

Velociraptor hunt pterosaurs on a cliffside by a waterfall. A battle-scarred Tyrannosaurus nurses his wounds and encounters a newcomer. A Deinocheirus seeks relief from biting flies. A female Quetzalcoatlus builds and guards her nest. A mother Masiakasaurus and her family hunt crabs. Elasmosaurs enter an estuary in search of fish.

Dromaeosaurus stalk an Edmontosaurus herd as they cross a freezing river. Male Ornithomimus raid rival nests to bolster their own. Olorotitan raise their offspring on fertile volcanic fields but contend with biting mosquitoes. Troodon hunt mammals flushed out by a forest fire. A juvenile Antarctopelta scours the forest for a new winter den. A Pachyrhinosaurus herd stands off against a pack of Nanuqsaurus.

Austroposeidon level trees in search of fresh foliage. A herd of Triceratops journey through a cave to find an underground clay lick. A male Carnotaurus sets the stage for an extravagant display. A female Qianzhousaurus uses an autumn storm to her advantage while hunting Corythoraptor. A family of Edmontosaurus evade a forest fire, while an Atrociraptor and Anodontosaurus reap its rewards. Juvenile Therizinosaurus attempt to climb up to a bee nest. Hatzegopteryx hunts Zalmoxes, and patrols the dense undergrowth and seaspray-battered coastline.


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