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YEAR: 2015 | LENGTH: 1 part (45 minutes)  |  SOURCE: 4CORNERS


Lauded as heroes by some, denounced as traitors by others, they’re the “digital dissidents” whose revelations have made headlines around the world. “Criticize me, hate me, but think about what matters in the issues. Right? Think about the world you want to live in.” Edward Snowden

The decision by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden to reveal covert US surveillance programs exposed the massive capabilities of the US spy agency to monitor communications around the globe. “The way in which these disclosures happened have been damaging to the United States and damaging to our Intelligence capabilities.” US President Barack Obama

In speaking out, Snowden’s joined a group of self declared intelligence whistleblowers who have risked imprisonment. “There was a moment where he said very clearly, very destinctly that I showed him the right way. I had always hoped that a Snowden would come along.“ Thomas Drake

In this documentary from German broadcaster WDR, Snowden, along with other whistleblowers from the NSA and Britain’s MI5 talk about their motivations for speaking out.  


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